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Research & design for user-centred products and experiences.

Hello, I'm Kate – a user experience research and design consultant with over 14 years’ experience in developing products and services to meet user and business needs.

I specialise in user research, design leadership, and user-centred design thinking for optimal product and service delivery.

I work closely with key organisational stakeholders from project inception to delivery, helping to embed user experience principles and practices within businesses through ongoing collaboration and education.

I have significant experience working closely with product management and development teams, and in customer experience and service design leadership roles within government, banking, social enterprise, and private sectors.


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USer research

Having a solid understanding of the people being designed for is critical. What motivates them? What works for them, and what doesn't? What do they actually need (compared to what they want)? What goals are they striving for? From interviewing workers in urban offices to observing financial practices in regional towns, I go into the field to conduct interviews and observations and learn how and why people do the things they do.


I conduct usability testing across a range of digital products and devices (desktop, tablet & mobile) and with participants representative of the product's most likely user base. I can also assist with recruitment for testing, working carefully with recruiters to make sure the right participants are engaged. Usability testing is important to ensure the product is useful, usable, and satisfies the user in helping them achieve their tasks and goals.


Successful product and service delivery requires consideration of every part of the customer experience, not just the site or app itself. Often, substantial business and environmental changes are necessary to enable meaningful and measurable implementation. I use a range of service design tools to map out and realise the product and service vision through ongoing communication with design, development and business teams. 


Usability reviews are conducted by measuring a product such as a website against best-practice and industry usability standards. I help to define common user scenarios that will be used to evaluate the product, then score the product based on issues that are uncovered during the review. I then produce a prioritised summary of usability performance including identification of problematic areas requiring attention.


I put pencil to paper to and pixel to screen to design and prototype proposed solutions, ready for evaluation and user feedback. Paper-based low-fidelity prototyping works well to support rapid evaluation and iteration, while higher-fidelity clickable prototypes help evaluate navigation and content discoverability, usability, and the user's ability to complete tasks efficiently and effectively, before the product goes live. 


I facilitate workshops for a range of needs, including participatory design workshops bringing together end-users, designers, and business stakeholders, strategic workshops with senior stakeholders to help businesses prioritise and move forward with product development plans, and targeted user experience skills workshops for those looking to learn more about and get into the user experience field.


"Kate is an extremely capable, passionate and knowledgeable UX practitioner.
I worked with Kate on a complex, politically difficult and multi-stakeholder project and was continually impressed by her grasp of both the big picture and the details. She is equally capable in user research as she is in modelling findings, envisioning design solutions and testing them. She established trust and respect throughout the team, the project and the end users.
It would be a pleasure to work with Kate in the future, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her in the highest terms."

– Gerry Gaffney, Director & Principal, Information & Design

"Kate's passionate and experienced user-centred approach to service design has been invaluable to the Project and I'm certain we would not be in the fantastic position we are currently without her dedicated contribution."

– AVL Project team member, NSW Department of Justice

"Kate has exceeded our expectations beyond belief."

– Dan Smith, Human Centred Design Director, Westpac Bank Corporation

"The workshop and final presentation were terrific. Kate – your research and presentation skills are highly commendable and top notch!"

– Peter Adgate, Team Leader Digital Experience, Sunsuper

"Having worked with Kate Goodwin since 2005, I can state with confidence that she is an exceptionally talented individual, with skills stretching across a wide-range of IT and multimedia fields, who brings a high-level of professionalism and creativity to every aspect of her work. Whether she is working with a team or independently, Kate exhibits a dedication and passion for her work and responsibilities that never fails to impress."

– Jocasta Williams, General Manager Asia Pacific, Echo360